AiX Bots

What Do We Do?

We offer specialized AI bots for businesses. Our AiX Marketing Bot is trained to understand your business, engage customers, and boost sales. For 24/7 customer service, our AiX Support Bot provides quick and accurate assistance, ensuring customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Purchase AiX Bot Packages

Month to Month

Our services are offered on a flexible month-to-month basis, allowing you the freedom to adjust your plan according to your needs. There are no long-term commitments, giving you the flexibility to start, pause, or cancel your subscription at any time.


Ai X Marketing Bot (Monthly)

$52.08 / month

The AiX Marketing Bot automates sales and lead generation. It’s available 24/7, qualifies leads, and integrates easily with existing systems.


Ai X Support (Monthly)

$52.08 / month

Ai X Support provides automated customer service across multiple channels, 24/7. It answers FAQs and offers real-time performance analytics.

Try AiX Marketing Bot In Action

The following is a marketing bot developed by AiX for our client, Developcore, which is based in South Africa. The primary function of this bot is to generate conversions and capture potential leads.

Chat with Developcore

Chat with Developcore AiX

Yearly Packages

Opt for our yearly packages to enjoy a discounted rate and the convenience of a single annual payment. Ideal for businesses looking for a long-term solution, our yearly plans offer a cost-effective way to maintain uninterrupted service and lock in current pricing.


Ai X Marketing Bot (Yearly)

$500.98 / year

The AiX Marketing Bot automates sales and lead generation. It’s available 24/7, qualifies leads, and integrates easily with existing systems.


Ai X Support (Yearly)

$500.98 / year

Ai X Support provides automated customer service across multiple channels, 24/7. It answers FAQs and offers real-time performance analytics.

What Happens After You Purchase?

Step 1: Provide Your Company Information

After completing the signup process, you’ll be prompted to share important details about your company. This can be in the form of website links or PDF documents. These details help us understand your business better and are crucial for training your bot effectively.

Step 2: Bot Setup and Training

Once we receive your company information, our team will get to work on setting up your bot. We aim to have your bot ready within 3 business days. During this time, we will train the bot based on the information provided to ensure it meets your specific needs.

Step 3: Review and Deployment

After the setup is complete, you will receive a shareable link to preview your bot. This allows you to test the bot and request any last-minute adjustments.

Step 4: Embedding on Your Site

Along with the shareable link, we will also provide you with an embedded code. You can use this code to integrate the bot onto your website or multiple sites, making it accessible to your customers right where they need it.

The Pillars of Our Success of Streso Group

We commit to delivering unmatched quality and efficiency in all our services. These pillars don’t just stand as words; they act as the driving forces behind our customer experiences and partnerships. Below are the six key traits that distinguish us.

Innovative Solutions

We leverage cutting-edge technology to deliver unique solutions that specifically address challenges. Moreover, these solutions drive measurable results.

Strategic Partnerships

We collaborate with industry giants to offer well-rounded, scalable solutions.

Global Reach

Our services cross borders and offer value to people and companies worldwide, thanks to our flexible and globally relevant products.

Time-Efficient Processes

We streamline workflows to save you time without cutting corners on quality, freeing you to focus on your priorities.

Sustainable Practices

We are committed to green practices and promote responsible conduct in all activities.

Customer-Centric Approach

We prioritize our customers’ needs, ensuring personalized service. Additionally, we provide effective solutions that are specifically tailored to individual objectives.


AiX focuses on creating intelligent bots and automation tools that are specifically tailored to your unique business needs. Unlike one-size-fits-all solutions, AiX additionally offers customization, scalability, and innovative features that consequently drive real results.

AiX The Future

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly does AiX Marketing Bot do?

AiX Marketing Bot is like an extra team member who’s always available to engage with your customers. It helps to increase your leads and sales by interacting with visitors on your website 24/7.

How does AiX Support differ from AiX Marketing Bot?

While AiX Marketing Bot focuses on helping you get more leads and sales, AiX Support is geared towards customer service. It’s available around the clock to answer questions and solve problems, aiming to keep your clients happy.

Can these bots be customized for my business?

Absolutely! Both AiX Marketing Bot and AiX Support are trained based on your specific business needs. They’re not just generic bots; they’re tailored to understand your business and serve your customers better.

How quickly can these bots be set up?

Once we receive your business details, we aim to have your customized bot ready within 3 business days.

Are there different pricing options?

Yes, we offer flexible month-to-month plans as well as discounted yearly packages. Choose the one that fits your business needs the best.

Hear what the expert says about Streso Group

 Dr. Emily Thompson

Dr. Emily Thompson

@ Dr.Emily· 8 Feb

Streso Group’s CoreX services are a game-changer for businesses seeking to improve their compliance and skills development. Their meticulous approach ensures every aspect is covered.

Raj Patel, CEO of TechInnovate

Raj Patel, CEO of TechInnovate

@Raj Pate · 10 Jan

AiX is a revolutionary platform. The customizable bots have significantly improved our customer engagement rates and streamlined our internal processes.

Prof. Marcus Weber, AI Researcher

Prof. Marcus Weber, AI Researcher

@MarcusWeber · 10 Jan

What sets AiX apart is its adaptability and focus on delivering results. It’s a compelling solution for anyone serious about leveraging AI for business growth.

Jacob Jones

Jacob Jones

@jacobbb · 3 Feb

Data security is a crucial concern for any business. Streso Group’s commitment to robust security protocols sets them apart in the industry.

Sophia Williams, Director of HR, GlobalCorp

Sophia Williams, Director of HR, GlobalCorp

@SophiaWilliams · 3 Feb

CoreX has been invaluable in helping us meet our employment equity compliance goals. Their expertise and guidance made the process seamless.

Robert Fox

Robert Fox

@robertfox · 10 Jan

Streso Group’s approach to partnerships is truly innovative. They bring a wealth of added value to every collaboration, elevating the services to new heights.

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